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US 3v3 victories

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1Lollipopman Dath'Remar14,267
2Flaberzhey im mvpTichondrius13,813
3DitchjonessB A R R Y B O Y SKel'Thuzad12,801
4RomainzWHOLESOME GUYSKel'Thuzad12,547
5Khrylhey im mvpTichondrius12,433
6Zilea Garrosh12,015
7Fuzionzhey im mvpTichondrius11,934
8YourdeathFallen EliteRagnaros10,105
9Applebottomshey im mvpTichondrius9,990
10IrubMost dominant everTichondrius9,226
11CdewFKN AlphaTichondrius9,212
12Zeuski Tichondrius9,085
13Nadagasttdone dadsTichondrius8,978
14Venrukihey im mvpTichondrius8,863
15Serotoninhey im mvpTichondrius8,835
16Shamroidzone lesson per dayTichondrius8,827
17MykkPvP Like A BossNemesis8,768
18Talasonhey im mvpTichondrius8,714
19ÐudeerallWHOLESOME GUYSKel'Thuzad8,658
21Woundmanlol Blackrock8,505
22YngNothing PersonalIllidan8,476
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