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TW Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1Punishment of Asia (20)Spirestone721.80
2Asgard (20)Nightsong720.25
3雲淡风輕 (20)Sundown Marsh718.69
4PhantomTwilighT (20)Wrathbringer717.98
5Little Busters (20)Silverwing Hold716.73
6Brave Vesperia (20)Silverwing Hold716.54
7Fortune (20)Shadowmoon716.49
8Final Dawn (20)Frostmane716.07
9BaLance (20)Nightsong714.89
10Lilium (20)Wrathbringer714.47
11琅琊 (20)Silverwing Hold713.95
12Mythology (20)Arthas713.76
13墜星海 (20)Light's Hope713.22
14The AvaLon (20)Sundown Marsh712.80
15喵魂 (20)Light's Hope712.38
16神樣 (20)Wrathbringer712.35
17Slaughter (20)Zealot Blade711.89
18Age of Innocence (20)Frostmane711.80
19月刃 (20)Arygos711.80
20Stars (20)Crystalpine Stinger711.70
21紫色幽谷 (20)Menethil711.57
22Time Goes By (20)Light's Hope711.49
23休閒者之灣 (20)Arthas711.45
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