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TW-Dreadmist Peak Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1FANTASY12/12 (H)32422383.12
2iGnescent12/12 (H)49321639.05
3AventurieR (10)12/12 (H)91920293.51
4日月光華12/12 (H)155718461.87
5Legend of Mana12/12 (H)159418385.38
6Armageddon12/12 (H)167218149.46
7Legend Of Glory (25)12/12 (H)177717852.62
8魂之榮耀12/12 (H)188717529.83
9Nightfall (10)12/12 (H)198517199.26
10Knights Templar12/12 (H)216116714.45
11DevilLord (10)12/12 (H)263115362.38
12Selective Memory12/12 (H)282314872.38
13暮光之城12/12 (H)290114604.08
14魅惑12/12 (H)305314215.20
15Flame of Sadness12/12 (H)328813734.27
16墮落天堂12/12 (H)453412242.22
17背叛者12/12 (H)486911792.39
18冷血追魂11/12 (H)60417030.18
19Panda11/12 (H)60787010.73
20邪惡股份有限公司11/12 (H)60797009.42
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