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US Guild Rankings

21Swims in Lava (10)Blackrock8/8 (H)39681.94
22Reckoning (25 recruiting)Mannoroth8/8 (H)39607.50
23Gag Reflex (10)Dark Iron8/8 (H)39505.02
24Rocket Surgery (10)Whisperwind8/8 (H)39490.30
25Premonition (25)Sen'Jin8/8 (H)39414.73
26Arathian Knights (10)Cenarius8/8 (H)39269.71
27Intent (25)Kel'Thuzad8/8 (H)39238.61
28Ropetown (25)Executus8/8 (H)39209.98
29Gentlemens Club (25)Korgath8/8 (H)39162.22
30Aftermath (25)Mal'Ganis8/8 (H)39147.50
31Non Combat Pet (10)Proudmoore8/8 (H)39114.16
32Modest (10)Kilrogg8/8 (H)39094.15
33TF (25 recruiting)Hyjal8/8 (H)39087.49
34Midnight Sanctuary (25 recruiting)Stormrage8/8 (H)38996.64
35Did it for Whitney (10)Malfurion8/8 (H)38974.73
36Angry (25)Illidan8/8 (H)38929.44
37Avast (10)Frostmourne8/8 (H)38922.51
38Pillow Fort (10)WildHammer8/8 (H)38911.91
39Defenestrate (25)Blackrock8/8 (H)38864.72
40Incarnated (25)Ner'zhul8/8 (H)38804.15

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    Hardware upgrade
    7 days ago
    WoWProgress and DiabloProgress sites now run on upgraded hardware. Along with this upgrade, the software platform, databases and libraries also got a big update.
    Please let us know if you have issues with the website, either post a comment here or shoot us an email to admin at

    Sorry everyone for the inconvenience! We need a few more days to polish things up.

    Current known issues:
    - messaging doesn't work
    - character confirmation doesn't work
    - update button doesn't return correct message
    - simdps isn't updated
    - currently there is an issue with that prevents updating some of US guilds (the report sent to Blizzard)
    Comments: 41
    Mythic+ Dungeons
    1 month ago
    Legion Mythic+ Dungeons look nice!

    Comments: 2
    Achievement points, Pet score fixed
    5 months ago
    The bug with disappeared achievement points and missing pets should be fixed now.
    Please update your characters!
    Comments: 10
    Tier18 updates
    11 months ago
    - EU region progression is enabled now

    - Heroic Socrethar the Eternal kills are added even if they are (incorrectly) missing in profiles

    You should queue manually using "update guild progress" button if you don't see these changes yet for your guild
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