TW WoW Realms

# Realm Type Lang Score Population* Horde* Alliance*
n/aNesingwary PvPtw0.00000
n/aBlack Dragonflight PvPtw0.00000
n/aBleeding Hollow PvPtw0.0015531233320
n/aDemon Fall Canyon PvPtw0.0018941242652
n/aDemon Soul PvPtw0.00000
n/aDreadmist Peak PvPtw0.00000
n/aFrenzyheart PvPtw0.00000
n/aGnomeregan PvPtw0.00000
n/aIcecrown PvPtw0.00873679194
n/a科爾蘇加德 PvPtw0.00000
n/aLight's Hope PvEtw0.0018111741637
n/aArygos PvEtw0.001265537728
n/aNightsong PvPtw0.0016631205458
n/aOnyxia PvEtw0.00000
n/aQuel'dorei PvEtw0.00871128743
n/aSartharion PvPtw0.00000
n/aSilverwing Hold PvPtw0.0021704931677
n/aWhisperwind PvEtw0.001255861169
n/aWrathbringer PvPtw0.0022872083204
n/aStorm Peaks PvPtw0.00000
n/aOrder of the Cloud Serpent PvEtw0.00693336
n/aSkywall PvEtw0.0018094651344
n/aChillwind Point PvPtw0.0014941279215
n/aCrystalpine Stinger PvPtw0.0025432364179
n/aDeathwing PvPtw0.00000
n/aDragonmaw PvPtw0.0017011229472
n/aFrostmane PvPtw0.0016251313312
n/aHellscream PvPtw0.0016631044619
n/aHowling Fjord PvPtw0.00000
n/aMenethil PvPtw0.001051858193
n/aShadowmoon PvEtw0.0040005973403
n/aBalnazzar PvEtw0.00000
n/aSpirestone PvPtw0.0013411184157
n/aStormscale PvPtw0.0015601196364
n/aStrand of the Ancients PvPtw0.00000
n/aSundown Marsh PvPtw0.00607143581713
n/aWarsong PvPtw0.00000
n/aWorld Tree PvEtw0.00895256639
n/aZealot Blade PvPtw0.001348903445
n/aAltar of Storms PvEtw0.00000
n/aArthas PvPtw0.00334018221518

* Population - amount of unique players that meet any of the two conditions:
- has a level 110 character that killed something in Tier 19 Heroic Mode
- has a level 110 character in a guild that killed something in Tier 19 Heroic Mode
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