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TW-Frostmane Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Dream of paradise (25)12/12 (H)21521050.89
2Final Dawn (10/25)12/12 (H)45618039.08
3Eternal Elite12/12 (H)55116890.55
4P R D (10/25)12/12 (H)84314495.27
5雲和山的彼端12/12 (H)89314241.72
6The destiny of Asz..11/12 (H)14276785.00
7Pandoras11/12 (H)14896731.33
8Impervious11/12 (H)19886327.92
9精英組11/12 (H)25575955.37
10榮耀11/12 (H)26475897.81
11Wonderland (25)11/12 (H)26675886.16
12熾焰帝國11/12 (H)26985861.78
13聖光之刃11/12 (H)27015860.24
14Sanctified Zealot (25)11/12 (H)33145465.11
15暗影聖堂11/12 (H)34365385.78
16BloodTear11/12 (H)34955348.46
17Nirvana11/12 (H)37045224.52
18用臉滾鍵盤11/12 (H)37295214.92
19魅影11/12 (H)39535079.85
20Glory of Nightwish11/12 (H)52784081.17
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