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1DingleAfro NinjasUS-Lethon10,547
2Dingle US-Tichondrius10,348
3Aals US-Altar of Storms10,133
4Showstopper US-Gilneas9,678
5Ruler US-Altar of Storms9,288
6Istplace US-Altar of Storms9,145
7Hiredhitman US-Gilneas9,123
8Asi US-Altar of Storms9,122
9Mym US-Altar of Storms9,109
10Vöchr US-The Forgotten Coast8,917
11DingleberryzLeave The GameUS-Darkspear8,823
12SpanksvPUT THE CR IN THE ..US-Tichondrius8,605
13SixsixsixNo Gîrls AllowedUS-Kel'Thuzad8,572
15Sisters US-Sisters of Elune8,331
16Ìl US-Sisters of Elune8,077
17Meáckos EU (DE)-Blackmoore7,916
18Dingleberryz US-Bleeding Hollow7,888
19Trëlla US-Bleeding Hollow7,723
20Thewise US-Tichondrius7,598
21AliyahLegenderikaEU (DE)-Blackmoore7,490
23RaidenClan SeppukuEU-Stormscale7,286
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