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1MethodEU-Tarren Mill9/9 (M)
2ЭкзорсусEU (RU)-Ревущий фьорд9/9 (M)
3AFK RKR-Azshara9/9 (M)
4佶天鸿CN-Thousand Needles9/9 (M)
5ScrubBusters (r)EU-The Maelstrom9/9 (M)
6MementoEU-Frostwhisper9/9 (M)
7RightKR-Azshara9/9 (M)
8七 煌CN-Dark Iron9/9 (M)
9LimitUS-Illidan9/9 (M)
10黎明曙光CN-Marrowgar9/9 (M)
11LibertadEU-Ravencrest9/9 (M)
12Bleached BonesEU-Wildhammer9/9 (M)
13Ego (r)OC-Saurfang9/9 (M)
14Nova (r)EU-Ragnaros9/9 (M)
15NollTvåTre (r)EU-Tarren Mill9/9 (M)
16FatSharkYes (r)EU-Kazzak9/9 (M)
17Easy (r)US-Mal'Ganis9/9 (M)
18HonestlyOC-Frostmourne9/9 (M)
19魔神CN-Icecrown9/9 (M)
20Aversion (r)EU (DE)-Onyxia9/9 (M)
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Players looking for Mythic Plus Dungeons

US alliance
M+ Score DPS: 1988.52Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys1 hour ago
EU horde
M+ Score DPS: 1693.05Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys1 hour ago
EU horde
M+ Score DPS: 1911.42Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys1 hour ago
US horde
M+ Score Tank: 1621.63Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys1 hour ago
EU horde
M+ Score Tank: 2490.99Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys1 hour ago
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Guilds started looking for players

Safety Dance
3 hours ago
US-Emerald Dream
5 hours ago
EU-Well of Eternity
5 hours ago

5 hours ago
Ok Who Pulled
5 hours ago

Players started looking for guilds

EU-Twilight's Hammer
10 minutes ago
US-Area 52
56 minutes ago
EU-Khaz Modan
1 hour ago
2 hours ago
3 hours ago
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Mythic Tomb of Sargeras

M: Goroth 8048 (20.17%) Goroth Mythic videos
M: Demonic Inquisition 6752 (16.92%) Demonic Inquisition Mythic videos
M: Harjatan 6848 (17.16%) Harjatan Mythic videos
M: Sisters of the Moon 5245 (13.15%) Sisters of the Moon Mythic videos
M: Mistress Sassz'ine 2814 (7.05%) Mistress Sassz'ine Mythic videos
M: The Desolate Host 4429 (11.10%) The Desolate Host Mythic videos
M: Maiden of Vigilance 2023 (5.07%) Maiden of Vigilance Mythic videos
M: Fallen Avatar 1207 (3.03%) Fallen Avatar Mythic videos
M: Kil'jaeden 629 (1.58%) Kil'jaeden Mythic videos

Heroic Tomb of Sargeras

H: Goroth 24526 (61.47%) Goroth Heroic videos
H: Demonic Inquisition 23452 (58.78%) Demonic Inquisition Heroic videos
H: Harjatan 24135 (60.49%) Harjatan Heroic videos
H: Sisters of the Moon 22364 (56.05%) Sisters of the Moon Heroic videos
H: Mistress Sassz'ine 21919 (54.93%) Mistress Sassz'ine Heroic videos
H: The Desolate Host 20809 (52.15%) The Desolate Host Heroic videos
H: Maiden of Vigilance 20078 (50.32%) Maiden of Vigilance Heroic videos
H: Fallen Avatar 18585 (46.58%) Fallen Avatar Heroic videos
H: Kil'jaeden 16282 (40.81%) Kil'jaeden Heroic videos

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    Transfer your character data after realm or name change
    3 months ago
    It is now possible to transfer your character Progress, M+, Karma data, Videos after name or realm change.

    Note: this is a temporary solution, it will be fully automatic soon

    How to transfer data after realm/name change?

    1. If possible, before changing realm/name, claim your character on WoWProgress using Sync. If you already transferred, skip this step.
    Comments: 24
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