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US-Frostmourne Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Honestly1511/11 (M)
2Gulch Trotters5011/11 (M)
3Scared of the Dark (r)6811/11 (M)
4One (r)16211/11 (M)
5Potato (r)17611/11 (M)
6Cute Anime Girls (r)18711/11 (M)
7Relevant (r)24111/11 (M)
8Fate (r)24211/11 (M)
9Barbershop Quartet42211/11 (M)
10Unbiased (r)45111/11 (M)
11Early Night (r)47111/11 (M)
12Chaotic Serenity53910/11 (M)
13Bastion (r)61110/11 (M)
14Hodor (r)66710/11 (M)
15Kings Guard (r)77010/11 (M)
16Avenger (r)79010/11 (M)
17Ruthless81810/11 (M)
18Scuffed (r)88310/11 (M)
19Icky Sticky Ooey G..91310/11 (M)
20Mortal (r)104610/11 (M)
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