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EU Mythic Progress

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1EchoEU-Tarren Mill11/11 (M)
2MethodEU-Twisting Nether11/11 (M)
3SK PiecesEU-Stormscale11/11 (M)
4FatSharkYes (r)EU-Kazzak11/11 (M)
5Zero EmpathyEU (FR)-Archimonde11/11 (M)
6AversionEU (DE)-Blackhand11/11 (M)
7MNM (r)EU-Tarren Mill11/11 (M)
8LotusEU-Ragnaros11/11 (M)
9Conspiracy (r)EU-Ragnaros11/11 (M)
10ExposedEU-Drak'thul11/11 (M)
11Korruptio (r)EU-Stormreaver11/11 (M)
12LEVELSEU-Twisting Nether11/11 (M)
13Northern SkyEU (DE)-Blackhand11/11 (M)
14Рак Гейминг (r)EU (RU)-Свежеватель Душ11/11 (M)
15S a n c t u m (r)EU-Kazzak11/11 (M)
16CyaThursday (r)EU-Stormscale11/11 (M)
17БанхаммерEU (RU)-Ревущий фьорд11/11 (M)
18Old Dirty KoboldEU-Kazzak11/11 (M)
19Banhammer (r)EU-Kazzak11/11 (M)
20LAGETEU-Tarren Mill11/11 (M)
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Players looking for Mythic Plus Dungeons

LF to finish weekly chest8 hours ago
M+ Score: 1746.12
M+ Score Tank:
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys8 hours ago
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys10 hours ago
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys11 hours ago
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys14 hours ago
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Players started looking for guilds

EU-Argent Dawn
33 minutes ago
4 hours ago
10 hours ago
10 hours ago
11 hours ago
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Mythic Sepulcher of the First Ones

M: Vigilant Guardian 2449 (23.79%) Vigilant Guardian Mythic videos
M: Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener 2261 (21.96%) Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener Mythic videos
M: Artificer Xy'mox 1697 (16.48%) Artificer Xy'mox Mythic videos
M: Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle 1888 (18.34%) Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle Mythic videos
M: Prototype Pantheon 1563 (15.18%) Prototype Pantheon Mythic videos
M: Lihuvim, Principal Architect 1327 (12.89%) Lihuvim, Principal Architect Mythic videos
M: Halondrus the Reclaimer 1193 (11.59%) Halondrus the Reclaimer Mythic videos
M: Anduin Wrynn 858 (8.33%) Anduin Wrynn Mythic videos
M: Lords of Dread 801 (7.78%) Lords of Dread Mythic videos
M: Rygelon 769 (7.47%) Rygelon Mythic videos
M: The Jailer 697 (6.77%) The Jailer Mythic videos

Heroic Sepulcher of the First Ones

H: Vigilant Guardian 6441 (62.56%) Vigilant Guardian Heroic videos
H: Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener 6170 (59.93%) Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener Heroic videos
H: Artificer Xy'mox 5937 (57.66%) Artificer Xy'mox Heroic videos
H: Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle 6116 (59.40%) Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle Heroic videos
H: Prototype Pantheon 5921 (57.51%) Prototype Pantheon Heroic videos
H: Lihuvim, Principal Architect 5753 (55.88%) Lihuvim, Principal Architect Heroic videos
H: Halondrus the Reclaimer 5549 (53.89%) Halondrus the Reclaimer Heroic videos
H: Anduin Wrynn 5073 (49.27%) Anduin Wrynn Heroic videos
H: Lords of Dread 4586 (44.54%) Lords of Dread Heroic videos
H: Rygelon 4447 (43.19%) Rygelon Heroic videos
H: The Jailer 3768 (36.60%) The Jailer Heroic videos

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    Stop the war
    5 months ago
    It’s a shame what Russian army is doing in Ukraine.
    I urge to stop the invasion. The mad man must be stopped.
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