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EU-Twisting Nether Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1ScrubBusters (r)811/11 (M)
2Future1911/11 (M)
3Innominatum (r)3811/11 (M)
4Familiar with Drama (r)7111/11 (M)
5Its Complicated9711/11 (M)
6SNYGGA POJKAR (r)12511/11 (M)
7Deal With It (r)16811/11 (M)
8Competence Optional18011/11 (M)
9CATASTROPHE (r)19111/11 (M)
10Without a Trace20211/11 (M)
11Sanity (r)20711/11 (M)
12Sanity Waiting Room2071/11 (M)
13VMTL (r)21811/11 (M)
14The Next Step (r)22411/11 (M)
15Echelon25011/11 (M)
16Talotaikurit34011/11 (M)
17Renovo (r)40111/11 (M)
18Azshari Vegans (r)41311/11 (M)
19Renewed (r)41511/11 (M)
20Stress Test43611/11 (M)
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