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EU-Blackhand Mythic Progress

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Guild Rankings

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1Northern Sky (r)438/9 (M)
2Bloodline (r)928/9 (M)
3Advance (r)1458/9 (M)
4Astounding (r)1737/9 (M)
5Remake (r)1827/9 (M)
6Regelwerk (r)3336/9 (M)
7[Raid] Mint Oreo (r)4626/9 (M)
8Salty (r)4636/9 (M)
9Epos (r)5546/9 (M)
10proud to be hated7735/9 (M)
11Hostile (r)7985/9 (M)
12Ultraviolet (r)8605/9 (M)
13MWR (r)9204/9 (M)
14two chest gaming (r)9324/9 (M)
15SMK (r)11124/9 (M)
16Booty Bay Bingo Bu.. (r)11824/9 (M)
17Sagrada (r)11974/9 (M)
18Donut Care (r)14853/9 (M)
19Crimson Sky (r)15133/9 (M)
20Red Ribbon Armee [RRA]15283/9 (M)
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