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TW-Shadowmoon Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Fortune829/9 (M)
2Lightning Raider3239/9 (M)
3正常發揮3479/9 (M)
4聰明伶俐好公會3989/9 (M)
5Evil Incursion9578/9 (M)
6夜襲再起18327/9 (M)
7島田家18697/9 (M)
8為何你如此坑18707/9 (M)
9好棒棒達拉然養老中心19847/9 (M)
10Smile and silence21716/9 (M)
11Tales of Paragon24146/9 (M)
12Gaia25356/9 (M)
13Edge25366/9 (M)
14花漾大叔25746/9 (M)
15Blood Tears27296/9 (M)
16Loot for Uber27616/9 (M)
17McDull and Friends32875/9 (M)
18聖光之刃33345/9 (M)
19pinnacle36835/9 (M)
20SKDream45834/9 (M)
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