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US-Mal'Ganis Mythic Progress

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1Instant Dollars (r)229/9 (M)
2Wildcard Gaming248/9 (M)
3Breaker of Chains258/9 (M)
4Positivity (r)258/9 (M)
5Washed Up Scrubs (r)1398/9 (M)
6Spike Flail (r)2227/9 (M)
7Semantics (r)2687/9 (M)
8Padmore State (r)2927/9 (M)
10nVus (r)3267/9 (M)
11Potent (r)3536/9 (M)
12Tranquil (r)4396/9 (M)
13Jaded (r)4406/9 (M)
14But My Parse (r)4456/9 (M)
15Accession (r)4516/9 (M)
16Decidedly Uncouth4926/9 (M)
17Power Gaming (r)5076/9 (M)
18Clear Coms (r)6856/9 (M)
19Air (r)7006/9 (M)
20Button Mashers (r)7265/9 (M)
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Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor

M: Champion of the Light 103 Champion of the Light Mythic videos
M: Jadefire Masters 57 Jadefire Masters Mythic videos
M: Grong 65 Grong Mythic videos
M: Opulence 33 Opulence Mythic videos
M: Mekkatorque 10 Mekkatorque Mythic videos
M: Conclave of the Chosen 27 Conclave of the Chosen Mythic videos
M: Stormwall Blockade 5 Stormwall Blockade Mythic videos
M: King Rastakhan 19 King Rastakhan Mythic videos
M: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 1 Lady Jaina Proudmoore Mythic videos

Heroic Battle of Dazar'alor

H: Champion of the Light 190 Champion of the Light Heroic videos
H: Jadefire Masters 168 Jadefire Masters Heroic videos
H: Grong 180 Grong Heroic videos
H: Opulence 156 Opulence Heroic videos
H: Mekkatorque 89 Mekkatorque Heroic videos
H: Conclave of the Chosen 128 Conclave of the Chosen Heroic videos
H: Stormwall Blockade 84 Stormwall Blockade Heroic videos
H: King Rastakhan 109 King Rastakhan Heroic videos
H: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 70 Lady Jaina Proudmoore Heroic videos

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