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US-Area 52 Mythic Progress

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Strawberry Puppy K.. (r)478/9 (M)
2Alacrity498/9 (M)
3Happy Accidents (r)1198/9 (M)
4xD (r)1618/9 (M)
5Divergence (r)3136/9 (M)
6Biggie Chief and D.. (r)4496/9 (M)
7Toast (r)4706/9 (M)
8Vestige (r)4816/9 (M)
9Limbo (r)4876/9 (M)
10Negatory (r)4966/9 (M)
11Adapt (r)5016/9 (M)
12Legacy Reborn (r)5026/9 (M)
13Dinosaur Cowboys5036/9 (M)
14Wined N Dined (r)6835/9 (M)
15KNF (r)6865/9 (M)
16Symphony of Fire (r)7385/9 (M)
17No Big Deal (r)8215/9 (M)
18Ready Check Last P.. (r)9524/9 (M)
19Zandalari Bobsled .. (r)9544/9 (M)
20Thief (r)9554/9 (M)
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