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US-Connected Spirestone Achievement Points Rankings

PvP Realm
24DeadsheetAlpacalypse Now17990
25AnelowynSounds Complicated17965
26RobertThe Bad and the Ugly17910
27DiddlerPvp Gods17810
28Scruffmcgruf (u)No Time17765
29KrypterîaFrom Six to Midnight17545
31Pardu 17525
32Nojuju 17395
33HyoriAddicts of Nightlife17340
34CeyxForgotten Shadow17275
35KaturianThe Aggro Crag17180
36Poyzin (u)Sapere Aude17080
37NovenceyArabian Knights17015
38ModarchKeep Calm17005
39CliodnaLiquid Adrenaline16900
40AlcyoneForgotten Shadow16835
41Holyshinto (u)Perfect Torment16750
42KasteStormwind Counting..16535
43BiardSilent Strike16515
44Gradywhite (u)Gluten Intolerance16480
45AzsolThe Aggro Crag16370
46SaydeeNo Time16365
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