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ES Guild Rankings

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1Herp Derp (r)EU (ES)-Dun Modr1/13 (M)
2Insane (r)EU (ES)-Dun Modr13/13 (M)
3ReloadEU (ES)-Zul'jin13/13 (M)
4The Penguins MafiaEU (ES)-C'thun13/13 (M)
5Sloth (r)EU (ES)-Dun Modr13/13 (M)
6Orden Inmortal (r)EU (ES)-Exodar13/13 (M)
7Rune (r)EU (ES)-C'thun13/13 (M)
8Providence (r)EU (ES)-Dun Modr13/13 (M)
9Button MashersEU (ES)-C'thun13/13 (M)
10Philanthropy Krieg..EU (ES)-Dun Modr12/13 (M)
11DreamwalkersEU (ES)-Dun Modr12/13 (M)
12Attain itEU (ES)-Dun Modr12/13 (M)
13Eureka (r)EU (ES)-Dun Modr12/13 (M)
14Exødar (r)EU (ES)-Exodar12/13 (M)
15Cheerful Coffin (r)EU (ES)-Dun Modr12/13 (M)
16Darkest RequiemEU (ES)-Dun Modr11/13 (M)
17Vengeance (r)EU (ES)-Dun Modr11/13 (M)
18NothEU (ES)-C'thun11/13 (M)
19Pwnd (r)EU (ES)-Dun Modr11/13 (M)
20Miracle (r)EU (ES)-Dun Modr11/13 (M)
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16 hours ago ago
EU-Dun Modr
3 days ago ago
8 days ago ago
EU-Dun Modr
9 days ago ago
EU-Dun Modr
9 days ago ago

Mythic Hellfire Citadel

M: Hellfire Assault 117 (15.42%) Hellfire Assault Mythic videos
M: Iron Reaver 82 (10.80%) Iron Reaver Mythic videos
M: Kormrok 71 (9.35%) Kormrok Mythic videos
M: Hellfire High Council 68 (8.96%) Hellfire High Council Mythic videos
M: Kilrogg Deadeye 63 (8.30%) Kilrogg Deadeye Mythic videos
M: Gorefiend 38 (5.01%) Gorefiend Mythic videos
M: Shadow-Lord Iskar 37 (4.87%) Shadow-Lord Iskar Mythic videos
M: Socrethar the Eternal 36 (4.74%) Socrethar the Eternal Mythic videos
M: Tyrant Velhari 24 (3.16%) Tyrant Velhari Mythic videos
M: Fel Lord Zakuun 33 (4.35%) Fel Lord Zakuun Mythic videos
M: Xhul'horac 20 (2.64%) Xhul'horac Mythic videos
M: Mannoroth 14 (1.84%) Mannoroth Mythic videos
M: Archimonde 9 (1.19%) Archimonde Mythic videos

Heroic Hellfire Citadel

H: Hellfire Assault 454 (59.82%) Hellfire Assault Heroic videos
H: Iron Reaver 415 (54.68%) Iron Reaver Heroic videos
H: Kormrok 411 (54.15%) Kormrok Heroic videos
H: Hellfire High Council 405 (53.36%) Hellfire High Council Heroic videos
H: Kilrogg Deadeye 387 (50.99%) Kilrogg Deadeye Heroic videos
H: Gorefiend 361 (47.56%) Gorefiend Heroic videos
H: Shadow-Lord Iskar 302 (39.79%) Shadow-Lord Iskar Heroic videos
H: Socrethar the Eternal 258 (33.99%) Socrethar the Eternal Heroic videos
H: Tyrant Velhari 222 (29.25%) Tyrant Velhari Heroic videos
H: Fel Lord Zakuun 288 (37.94%) Fel Lord Zakuun Heroic videos
H: Xhul'horac 242 (31.88%) Xhul'horac Heroic videos
H: Mannoroth 211 (27.80%) Mannoroth Heroic videos
H: Archimonde 164 (21.61%) Archimonde Heroic videos

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