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US-Fenris Character Leveling Rankings

PvE Realm
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1RobertlidyEscape The Fate90
2Haxalot (u)Sic Semper Tyrannis90
3BascottThe Redemption Squad90
4DolabarEdge of Fenris90
5RaknusMinistry of Demons90
6RumlynnMinistry of Demons90
7BabysunshineForgotten Legion90
8ExlightEvery Man For Hims..90
9UkitakeMinistry of Demons90
10RamodaForgotten Legion90
11Tùffshadow Lords90
12Fullnelsen (u)Lethal Souls90
13KinoloLethal Souls90
14SleepwalkkerMinistry of Demons90
15TïmmyMinistry of Demons90
16DeathtopharForgotten Legion90
17OldpoohLuna Wolves90
18WambamOoh Shiny90
19MonkeydluffyStraw Hats90
20ArtaxmoonStraw Hats90
21Micre 90
22ErdamonStrawberry Nubcakes90
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