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EU English 5v5 matches

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1SwackyGroup TherapyRavencrest2,050
3HugoagogoDark FusionLightbringer1,470
4PinkaVerdictArgent Dawn1,407
5AhnollUnknown EntitySylvanas1,331
6Cart (u)ApexAl'Akir1,261
7DrillâThe Power RangersSylvanas1,233
8DrillaThe Power RangersEmeriss1,233
9Spacelord Twisting Nether1,212
10VicEnraged RevolutionRagnaros1,210
11Baccino (u)Blood CultBloodhoof1,121
12WtfispummelScrubBustersThe Maelstrom1,118
14Deathwisperr (u)Hellscreams AngelsStormscale1,049
15Mut (u)S T O R MThunderhorn1,046
16NarcxBetter Than LifeAszune1,017
17Keaneo (u)CrazeKilrogg980
18ParatasThe UnwillingKilrogg972
19Galdar Argent Dawn966
20Veyh (u)Soapbox SyndromeLightbringer959
21NodeptiLoot FTWRavencrest959
22SaurfangzAnd My ArmyEmeriss954
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