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Remember, after you have killed a boss, couple of your raid members should exit to the character selection screen in order to update Armory
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Oceanic Total damage done

24Knoxxic (u)AvastJubei'Thos602,190 M
25Chuckles (u)AscensionBarthilas601,948 M
26KirarasukaTriboBarthilas598,845 M
27Gulder (u)Blue LabelBarthilas598,112 M
28Cannicus (u)Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan597,517 M
29KisTriboBarthilas593,135 M
30RabiddotsOne ShotThaurissan590,289 M
31FictitiousOOKA RIGHT IN THE ..Jubei'Thos588,078 M
32AndrodoLast AttemptThaurissan585,388 M
33SyrendraOne ShotThaurissan583,478 M
34RyujaAvastJubei'Thos583,325 M
35WarlerHonestlyFrostmourne580,983 M
36Dean (u)One ShotThaurissan570,505 M
37TerraqtThe SanctifiedKhaz'goroth563,319 M
38Wenzilbunk (u)Vita ObscuraCaelestrasz558,111 M
39KrálDesireAman'Thul558,044 M
40CrazeyxoxoCrimsonCaelestrasz555,689 M
41Traceheatfst (u)The Stylish FewBarthilas555,651 M
42ÆreCrimsonCaelestrasz553,754 M
43Starbûck (u)Vita ObscuraCaelestrasz549,527 M
44Gore (u)AjantisSaurfang547,346 M
45Comapazine (u)The Stylish FewBarthilas546,993 M
46PixulFateFrostmourne543,804 M
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