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US-Connected Doomhammer Total healing done

PvE Realm
24GongjanBloodlust3,619 M
25KorluncahThe Aerial Order3,379 M
26ValkiePink Misfit Ninja ..3,346 M
27AciniesthDeviants3,254 M
28TheriumHavoc3,180 M
29JfhsummitCouncil of Eternity3,137 M
30FyrceGenuine Insanity3,114 M
31Killwolf 3,068 M
32UnknownkinggNOPE NOPE NOPE2,962 M
33Dothon (u)Council of Eternity2,952 M
34BreakfasteatWipes on Trash2,948 M
35EspiiAncient Order of UMs2,923 M
36RedgunSACRED2,899 M
37VizionJustJack2,821 M
38RahgarMalice Aforethought2,818 M
39MoomoomShovel2,811 M
40BobearlHavoc2,641 M
41MardarFresh2,541 M
42DunbathHate Breeders2,530 M
43ArteriusSACRED2,472 M
44TexaporteThe Nemeton2,419 M
45Rencitin 2,393 M
46SouthallRelic2,382 M
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