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US-Connected Icecrown Total damage done

PvE Realm
24Malorio (u)Dev Null118,739 M
25AdelliaraRevenge118,546 M
26Priestvito (u)Fortis115,928 M
27Cesara (u)The Paragon109,037 M
28XheraInner Product108,965 M
29LevitacusCasually Inclined105,050 M
30JimbooDev Null104,353 M
31GreystormClan of the Red Dr..100,221 M
32DahrlaMythic Dawn98,989 M
33NissiFortis95,998 M
34Hypnoo 95,880 M
35PoesyLarge Friendly Guild94,227 M
36GwinrayvenInsanity92,857 M
37OctosupremeInsanity92,107 M
38GunmaVeikar91,863 M
39TakannaaKnights who say Ni89,431 M
40ManectricTribute87,660 M
41YzzapsPraetorium87,145 M
42Aldones 80,555 M
43AshyriaThe Order of the P..79,901 M
44BehonianCaustic79,692 M
45MolpeDev Null78,424 M
46DrakewingsMad Vigilanties77,733 M
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