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US-Connected Spirestone Total healing received

PvP Realm
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1SilverthorneGluten Intolerance34,081 M
2KmazONE33,709 M
3NovxNo Time30,341 M
4Urgfelstorm (u)Adapt30,247 M
5LeviathánMalus Nexu30,007 M
6Krayta 29,930 M
7Czaafum (u)The Bad and the Ugly29,525 M
8ElyllonAddiction28,844 M
9ItzjonnyKeep Calm28,413 M
10BartzabelKeep Calm27,072 M
11RagenlockKeep Calm26,657 M
12DanaownsJamaican me crazy23,801 M
13Chestylarue (u)Addiction21,986 M
14ChameetriMakeout Party21,924 M
15EternalbloodEightySixed21,810 M
16Valevel (u)Gluten Intolerance21,368 M
17Deathishell 20,676 M
18Kimsey 20,553 M
19Carclias (u)Solidarity20,504 M
20McscootsSounds Complicated19,391 M
21SamThe Bad and the Ugly19,329 M
22Silfner (u)Sapere Aude18,858 M
23ChythanusBlackdawn18,439 M
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