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US 5v5 matches

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1Lollipopman Dath'Remar2,789
2Rødebøy Ragnaros2,662
3DrscarphdSlash CryIllidan2,553
4Vanguards Darkspear2,467
6Pahtakhey im mvpTichondrius2,340
7SinedWHATEVER WERE AWES..Magtheridon2,306
9AbtexasTBT AllianceKel'Thuzad2,138
10Jurgen Mannoroth2,085
11DclantisWHOLESOME GUYSKel'Thuzad2,083
12MìchelleStratton OakmontKel'Thuzad2,005
13SekopePositive EnergyArthas2,004
14SanjuuichihAHA i tatally Pon..Illidan1,988
15Nobadzhey im mvpTichondrius1,972
16KollektivRIP will of the fo..Tichondrius1,960
17DeadlyassianParty All The TimeLightbringer1,953
18Siphrhey im mvpTichondrius1,949
19Exploitz Daggerspine1,936
20Karvinentwohey im mvpTichondrius1,926
22Athlete Mug'thol1,887
23DoubletakeLast AttemptMagtheridon1,887
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