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US-Staghelm Total deaths from opposite faction

PvE Realm
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1BullzyeShenanigans Declared8,172
2RedninjaHere comes D Boom5,022
3PiperjohnnGnomeland Security4,780
4WonderwomenThe Dragons Fury4,320
5GrümpyGnomeland Security3,969
6SummerroseSavage Impulses3,897
7ThroatcutterSavage Impulses3,830
8RoronoaJelly SWAG Gaming3,659
9BaalmolochLa Communauté De L..3,437
10CyphorRated M For Mature3,108
11VipurrAdult Swim3,010
13DeliciousoneFaith Of The Fallen2,983
14MaximuspainKnightz Of Honor2,927
15EandrwThe Legacy2,908
16PallanénWicked Minds2,832
17JaxdethbrgrControlled Chaos2,820
19Shrêd 2,713
20ThanoslyeKnightz Of Honor2,625
21NyarlatotephLa Communauté De L..2,380
22LucyluAdult Swim2,368
23CerelornDragons of Azoroth2,352
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