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Registered to: Kalifno - confirmed
Languages: English, Danish
Looking for guild: Yes, ready to transfer
hardcore, semi-hardcore
Raids per week: 1 - 5
Specs playing: unknown
Raiding experience:

Naxx Cleared 10/25 man
OS Cleared 10/25 man (with 3D)
Maly Cleared 10/25 man
Realms first kills i've participated in on Scarshield Legion:
25-man Algalon!
25-man Yogg-Saron+1 Hardmode
25-man General Vezax Hardmode
25-man Mimiron Hardmode
25-man Freya Hardmode
25-man Iron Council Hardmode
25-man Deconstructor Hardmode
25-man Hodir Hardmode
25-man Thorim Hardmode
25-man Flame Levathian Hardmode
and non realms first yogg and algalon 10 man
else i've experienced pretty much everything in ulduar 10 man and 25 man
25-man A Tribute to skill
25-man Trial of the Grand Crusader
25-man Heroic Anub'arak
25-man Heroic Val'kyr Twins
25-man Heroic Faction Champions
25-man Heroic Lord Jaraxxus
25-man Heroic Northrend Beasts
10-man A Tribute to Insanity
10-man A Tribute to mad skill
10-man Trial of the Grand Crusader
TotC normal:
25-man Anub'arak
none realms first
killed 4/12 bosses on 25 and and 6/12 on 10 man
got the professor down to 3% on 10 man with 4 attempts left but had to call the raid because some of the members had to log.
why i havnt killed anymore bosses in ICC is simply because of my guild being disbanded.
i did every kill above with my guild Completely Different and on my rogue

I took a break from wow just as Catacalysm came out due to my guild disbanding, so I missed the few first raiding tiers.

I then joined a raiding guild called Primal Fusion a few months after Firelands

Firelands: 6/7 HC
Dragon Soul: 8/8 HC with alot of realms firsts including Madness of Deathwing HC.

Mist Of Pandaria:
Realms First level 90 Rogue

MV: 6/6 HC with Will of the Emperor as realms first
HoF: 4/6 HC and then my guild disbanded
HoF normal: 6/6
ToES normal: 4/4

I then moved to a new server and joined a new guild called Amused to Death on Defias Brotherhood but soon got tired of wow, and missed my old mates and havnt played wow for over 1 year, but would like to come back.

Here is some links to my old Raiding guilds

Whack A Dragon:

Primal Fusion:

Completely R O N I N:

Completely Different:
last updated 9 months ago

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Weapon / Offhand
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