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US-Connected Suramar Battle Pet Score

PvE Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

25Davenrothz (u)Career Professionals11089.25
26SterokMythic Misfits10858.06
28Tau (u)THE STIG10629.16
29PaladinoAgainst All Odds10570.36
30AetherionThree Inches of Bl..10486.24
31Æßæäæäæä 10401.01
32VanïlleWarcraft Wolf Pack10091.20
33RoyblandCasual Sects9974.60
34FionnaMalum Discordiae9957.13
35LightentityEdict of War9804.62
36EllesaidhThe After Party9655.95
37RakuganGroup Two9501.75
38BluecloudBlood and Sands9485.64
39KaleqtBrave Companions9266.20
40LillyangellThe Bloodgrin Clan9203.43
41BubbleheadedLa Cosa Nostra9158.63
42LyndseyDamage Control9156.00
43ValaraadThe UNTOUCHABLES9004.53
44RantheiSpecial Sauce by K..8728.71
45StanusSeven Deadly Sîns8686.18
46VeritableDamage Control8291.10
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