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US-Moon Guard Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

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1StormshineCuffs and Collars34528.16
2GemcityBlackfang Brotherh..33907.15
3Archamedius (u)Blackfang Brotherh..33472.44
4Nathelanos 28222.33
6Baalus (u)Keleos Soran26889.95
7ZashanaShadows of Argus23488.39
8Ekaterine 23322.73
9Wandessa 22848.26
10DominuraThe Argent Onslaught22756.85
11KaldeaThe Argent Onslaught22756.85
12KashramThe Argent Onslaught22756.85
13FaedrisThe One Fellowship22482.02
14EntilzhàDalaran Magocracy20838.03
15Suzanne 20339.75
16TahsfenzHammer of Goel19429.34
17JuliaTrial by Støne18609.27
18UliciaTrial by Støne18609.27
19OdetteTrial by Støne18609.27
20JodelleTrial by Støne18609.27
21ToviTrial by Støne18609.27
22PerditaTrial by Støne18609.27
23ChernaTrial by Støne18609.27
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