Thunderforged item rates: 10-man vs 25-man

3 years ago

WoWProgress analyzed character profiles from guilds that killed the first boss in Tier 15 Jin'rokh the Breaker, and here is some info about thunderforged item percentage:

Guilds killed the first boss: 9616
Items equipped: 19123
Thunderforged items equipped: 2228
Thunderforged items percentage: 11.7%

Guilds killed the first boss: 1326
Items equipped: 7907
Thunderforged items equipped: 2033
Thunderforged items percentage: 25.7%

There are disenchanted, not equipped items among normal (level 522) loot, so we can assume that probably percentage of thunderforged items is:
- 10-man: 10%
- 25-man: 25%

which is quite significant difference.


  1. Ragestyles
    Ragestyles Unic
    Rating: +7 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    WoW, thanks for the information you have shared!
    These Statistics are quite interessting!
    Keep it up
  2. oraculum
    Poena Shard
    Rating: -5 [-][+]
  3. elcius
    Rating: +3 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    2.5x the loot, with each item having 2.5x the chance to be thunder forged.
    for 25 mans 1/4th of their loot will be TF, for 10 man, 1/10th (1 item per 5 bosses)
  4. Perrito
    Perrito Tauren Milk Company
    Rating: +3 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    excluding those repeated drops that WILL get DE in 10 man after the only person or 2 can use it.

    because you know there is LOOT in the tables that drops every week while the usefull BIS piece never do.
  5. Arcanition
    Arcanition Royalty
    Rating: +6 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    Yes, you are.

    While 25-man raids have 2.5 times the players, they get 3 times the items (6 vs. 2 in 10-man). So not only do they get 3 times the items, each of those items have 2.5 times the chance to be thunderforged.

    tl;dr: fuck 10 mans
  6. Ijanaak
    Rating: -4 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    What you're missing is that 25m has a 10x better chance of breaking up and becoming a 10m. So enjoy your intact raid.
  7. Dieranged
    Rating: -1 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    19123 drops where 2228 are thunderforged vs 7907 where 2033 are thunderforged... That is not equal.. You getting almost the same drop rate for 40% less drops.
  8. Landarin
    Rating: [-][+]
    3 years ago
    yes you are 1/4 of the items in 25 will be thunderforge while in 10 it will be 1/10 of the items. Now does that sound fair to you, or do you need someone to explain it more. I will also give ya this example 1 out of 4 items is thunderforge vs 1 out of 10 items is thunderforge and to comtinue the example you get like 4 or 5 items on 25 so there is a chance that one of the items in 25 will be thunderforge and 2 items on 10 and of those 2 items you have a 1 in 10 chance to be thunderforge.
  9. Belliz
    Holy HTF
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    Thanks for the information!!!
  10. Kinkz
    Rating: -2 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    The reason 10 man equipped numbers are so high are because the amount of people farming trash drops, which can also be thunderforged.
  11. Moshne
    Moshne Something Wicked
    Rating: +3 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    It is only analyzing data from guilds that have killed Jin'rokh. Trash drops can't possibly be inflating numbers much, if at all.
  12. Kernel
    3 years ago
    The stats included items from the first boss only, all other items were omitted.
  13. Perrito
    Perrito Tauren Milk Company
    Rating: -6 [-][+]
  14. Nuyi
    Nuyi Carpe Noctem
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    Dramaqueen ftw? It's 6 ilvl.... that's probably not the reason groups will fail at progress... my guild doesn't clear all heroic, nothing to do with gear but we as a group hit a skillcap at some point which is too time consuming for us to overcome i.e. we lack the time we need to learn certain encounters or in some cases purely lack to skill to overcome one as a group.
  15. Guitarzan
    Rating: -1 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    My sentiments exactly! I'm tired of this "merry-go-round" that makes you work hard to get somewhere,then cuts your legs out from under you. I have lost interest in keeping up with every "Tom.Dick,and Mary"with no skills,
  16. Mobilemedic
    Rating: [-][+]
    3 years ago
    It would be so much easier if they brought back the separate raid locks for 10’s and 25’s, with 25’s on a higher ilvl as it used to be. The game was more fullfilling back then. The day they made the same raid lock with the same loot they killed 25's.

    On the matter of Thunderforged items, we had 4 drop from the first boss on 25 man. However, looking at the stats above we must have been really lucky. Going over the above stats I can’t help but think that there must have been quite a few raids that never saw Thunderforged Items drop.

    9616 10mans = 96160 players
    1326 25mans = 33150 players

    So working on the percentages against the people raiding overall, 2% of the 10 man players got Thunderforged gear whereas 6% of those in the 25 man raids. This may prompt some players to consider 25's, but overall I think the 10 mans are too entrenched. In the past it has been easier to progress through to heroics in 10 mans, and normal heroic gear is better than normal Thunderforged gear. Therefore, guilds will simply look at Thunderforged gear as being cream on the cake, as opposed to any incentive to slow progression to slip into 25's. You will find that the majority presently doing 25 mans are people who love the extra dynamics of 25's, and simply don't want to dumb it down to a 10 man simply to push faster progression. I therefore think that the concept of Thunderforged gear as an incentive to increase 25 mans will eventually prove to be a failure.
  17. draganthir
    Rating: -1 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    thx 4 share :)
  18. Nuyi
    Nuyi Carpe Noctem
    Rating: +2 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    This thunderforged shizzle is fun but nothing more. It's not an incentive, a few extra ilvl wuhoe let's go through the hassle of starting a 25 man guild for that!!

    They should go back to 10/25 man lockouts. To avoid people feeling obligated to do both just get saved to either 10 man or 25 man as is now with heroic modes, problem solved. It will also allow for better tuning of fights for 10 and 25's. Everybody does the content he she loves, make ilvl drops in 25 higher by default as a true incentive, gg problem solved.

    Now blizzard was that so hard? PM me for payment instructions QQ -.-
  19. shumoo
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    3 years ago
  20. Bubulicious
    Rating: -3 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    Im glad. 10man is a joke. We deserve diff. loot tables all together in my opinion. My guild cleared most of the raid the 1st week on 25man, and then we switched it to 10man for the last 4 bosses and practically one shotted them. Same with fights like Sha of Fear... You should not even get a Fearless title for 10man. We kicked a trial out of our guild, who killed it on 10man Heroic on Sha of Fear Progression just because of how bad he is. If he killed it, it must be such a joke. Anyone who disagrees go do 25, then 10 and you will ROFL.
  21. pgr
    Kazooie Fake
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    i did and it's the same pratically. you have no points
  22. Velanth
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    That is strange.
    According to World of Logs you didn't 'practically' one shot any of the last four bosses.
    And none of your characters has killed Lei Shen either.

  23. Reckoner
    Reckoner Seraph
    Rating: -4 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    While some of you guys are quite correct, You have to accomodate for the fact that a 25 man is very likely to hold a 29-35 person roster (my guild has a 37 person roster for comp and attendance reasons) plus the fact people go in and out of the roster alot easier. a 10man roster, while alot more stable, has a harder time getting to rare drops that you almost never see, but once they see it they at least have a chance to equip it.
  24. Newsom
    Rating: +2 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    You don't think we do the same in 10 man?
  25. Darphyus
    Rating: [-][+]
    3 years ago
    Can anyone confirm drops from trash? What kind of gear has dropped of trash and drop rates?

  26. fuzzylogic111
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    If you feel it is such a difference then how about removing the misleading 'over all' tab and let 10 and 25 be their own races.
  27. Mari
    Marizza Old School
    Rating: [-][+]
    3 years ago
    What Fuzzylogic said. Mixed rankings still really? Like we dont have enough of blizzards silliness with common achievements.
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