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EU-Connected Perenolde Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Total Annihilation (r)3269/13 (M)
2Ascension (r)8465/13 (M)
3Infernales (r)10105/13 (M)
4Tweety Inc (r)18692/13 (M)
5Piratengang (r)19132/13 (M)
6Twist of Fate23311/13 (M)
7Back To Life (r)5137 12/13 (H)
8Demented Aggression5495 11/13 (H)
9Synergy (r)6157 10/13 (H)
10Custodes (r)6562 9/13 (H)
11Das Schwarze Heer (r)7026 9/13 (H)
12Indesertus7072 8/13 (H)
13Pech und Schwefel7482 8/13 (H)
14Dominion7864 8/13 (H)
15ImMørtaLs7874 8/13 (H)
16Schall und Rauch (r)8316 7/13 (H)
17Aeternítas (r)9041 7/13 (H)
18Toxxic Innocence9265 6/13 (H)
19LordAerons Erben (r)9822 6/13 (H)
20Pandaria10192 6/13 (H)
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