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TW-Hellscream Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1凝聚9813/14 (H)
2血染風采10112/14 (H)
3Ogre Republic22110/14 (H)
4枕葉不睡覺2358/14 (H)
5行雲流水2993/14 (H)
6傲世3003/14 (H)
7Gold Club3242/14 (H)
8莫高雷酒吧3283/14 (H)
9CHAOS FORCE40014/14
10Equation of Hell41114/14
12Fate Sailing67114/14
14毛 幫91014/14
18Extreme Requiem152814/14
20none such under he..156814/14
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1眾生滅12814/14 (H)
2莫高雷酒吧19814/14 (H)
3血染風采34512/14 (H)
4永恆次元37312/14 (H)
5凝聚42211/14 (H)
6毛 幫49111/14 (H)
7小紫趴趴集團56111/14 (H)
8枕葉不睡覺56310/14 (H)
9Equation of Hell56610/14 (H)
10CHAOS FORCE6599/14 (H)
11熊的世界6799/14 (H)
12行雲流水9675/14 (H)
13Gold Club9725/14 (H)
14傲世10185/14 (H)
15部落之怒10993/14 (H)
16Ogre Republic11854/14 (H)
17牛奶屋11954/14 (H)
18Fate Sailing12511/14 (H)
19卍親友團卍12701/14 (H)
20永恆13253/14 (H)
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Siege of Orgrimmar

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