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TW-Quel'dorei Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Rock Star47532/7 (M)
2Justice Never Ends72581/7 (M)
3House of Cards87281/7 (M)
4春天的故事113127/7 (H)
5雅仕俠風123487/7 (H)
6MOON LIGHT123506/7 (H)
7銀色黎明171336/7 (H)
8不正常人類研究中心199085/7 (H)
9Final Survivors242472/7 (H)
10無與倫比348707/7 (N)
11山水魚350747/7 (N)
12Paradise Lost353227/7 (N)
13死騎353487/7 (N)
14幫親不幫理的親友團355597/7 (N)
15夢空界361536/7 (N)
16童話381986/7 (N)
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Mythic Highmaul

M: Kargath Bladefist 3 Kargath Bladefist Mythic videos
M: The Butcher 0
M: Brackenspore 0
M: Tectus 0
M: Twin Ogron 1 Twin Ogron Mythic videos
M: Ko'ragh 0
M: Imperator Mar'gok 0

Heroic Highmaul

H: Kargath Bladefist 9 Kargath Bladefist Heroic videos
H: The Butcher 9 The Butcher Heroic videos
H: Brackenspore 8 Brackenspore Heroic videos
H: Tectus 8 Tectus Heroic videos
H: Twin Ogron 8 Twin Ogron Heroic videos
H: Ko'ragh 7 Ko'ragh Heroic videos
H: Imperator Mar'gok 6 Imperator Mar'gok Heroic videos

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