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TW-Shadowmoon Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1聰明伶俐好公會1814/14 (H)
2黑手之鄉3814/14 (H)
3Last Exile6514/14 (H)
4Evil Incursion7414/14 (H)
5傳奇17511/14 (H)
6凱蒂海賊團17911/14 (H)
7pinnacle18111/14 (H)
8Quiet summer18411/14 (H)
9魔幻琉璃19711/14 (H)
10夢想的起點20411/14 (H)
11逆蝶2538/14 (H)
12雪雪女王的邪惡會所2548/14 (H)
13四個甜蜜寶貝2808/14 (H)
14夏目友人帳3174/14 (H)
15伊瑟拉的天空3921/14 (H)
18Walk the Earth45814/14
20New Roman Empire46814/14
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1逆蝶714/14 (H)
2黑手之鄉6514/14 (H)
3Last Exile11114/14 (H)
4pinnacle14114/14 (H)
5老爺快點夫人會看見18214/14 (H)
6Quiet summer25014/14 (H)
7後壁厝25114/14 (H)
8四個甜蜜寶貝29314/14 (H)
9講談說論35813/14 (H)
10魔幻琉璃45712/14 (H)
11Smile and silence45812/14 (H)
12Eighteem49212/14 (H)
13雪雪女王的邪惡會所49811/14 (H)
14聖譽52911/14 (H)
15夢想的起點56311/14 (H)
16Play For Food58211/14 (H)
17轉動命運之輪58511/14 (H)
18Whisper The Faith64011/14 (H)
19伊瑟拉的天空76110/14 (H)
20凱蒂海賊團76610/14 (H)
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Siege of Orgrimmar

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