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US-Aman'Thul Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Radiance53413/13 (M)
2Phantasmagoria53613/13 (M)
3Destruction (r)90113/13 (M)
4Twisted Haven (r)134113/13 (M)
5Malediction160213/13 (M)
6Vincere Aut Mori218512/13 (M)
7Sigil (r)245212/13 (M)
8Brutally Honest277711/13 (M)
9Utopia325811/13 (M)
10Intolerance339111/13 (M)
11E X A L T E D387610/13 (M)
12Les Magnifiques432510/13 (M)
13Startled (r)48589/13 (M)
14knights of the dar..50779/13 (M)
15Enigma51039/13 (M)
16Delusions of Grand.. (r)55328/13 (M)
17Get Off My Lawn (r)61076/13 (M)
18Knights of The Horde70005/13 (M)
19The Silencers78115/13 (M)
20Pacific Phoenix81044/13 (M)
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