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US-Area 52 Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Strawberry Puppy K..1329/13 (M)
2Redux (r)3415/13 (M)
3High Five (r)6084/13 (M)
4Legacy Reborn (r)6174/13 (M)
5We Might Be Raiders (r)6444/13 (M)
6Negatory (r)7723/13 (M)
7Casual Chaos (r)10622/13 (M)
8Exodus (r)13331/13 (M)
9Freakshow13351/13 (M)
10Natural Selection (r)15151/13 (M)
11Reckless Ambition (r)1672 13/13 (H)
12Soft Enrage (r)1707 13/13 (H)
13Art of Execution1748 13/13 (H)
14Thralls Balls1853 12/13 (H)
15Too Meta (r)2238 12/13 (H)
16Untold (r)2247 12/13 (H)
17Limit Break (r)2484 12/13 (H)
18I Love Lamp (r)2572 12/13 (H)
19Insidious Souls (r)2579 12/13 (H)
20Siege the Day (r)2790 12/13 (H)
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