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US-Frostmourne Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Entropy2112/13 (M)
2Honestly (r)4810/13 (M)
3Elevation (r)819/13 (M)
4Fate (r)839/13 (M)
5Wild Card (r)2235/13 (M)
6Scared of the Dark (r)2475/13 (M)
7Ordeal (r)2935/13 (M)
8ENGN (r)4524/13 (M)
9Slice of Paradise5543/13 (M)
10Gigantor (r)5933/13 (M)
11CheckMyLogs (r)5943/13 (M)
12One (r)5953/13 (M)
13GulchTrotters7532/13 (M)
14Barbershop Quartet (r)8272/13 (M)
15No Hope For Humanity8282/13 (M)
16SuperStars9181/13 (M)
17Vitare (r)1273 13/13 (H)
18Wu Tang (r)1299 13/13 (H)
19Chaotic Serenity (r)1301 13/13 (H)
20Spoodermen1472 12/13 (H)
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