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US-Korgath Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Draconic Savant27514/14 (H)
2AfterLife (r)30514/14 (H)
3efeX33014/14 (H)
4Vox Radix63114/14 (H)
5Impetus69414/14 (H)
6Conviction79014/14 (H)
7Didactic99413/14 (H)
8Ruin107613/14 (H)
9Dread is Dead123212/14 (H)
10Feedback141512/14 (H)
11Nox Oriens143912/14 (H)
12Wired183611/14 (H)
13Guild A Bear224110/14 (H)
14Sereníty234810/14 (H)
15Tainted Morals237310/14 (H)
16Dread26319/14 (H)
17Broken Release But..27038/14 (H)
18Nothing Personal27478/14 (H)
19Goldshire Gangsters28618/14 (H)
20Nightwatch30667/14 (H)
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1Impetus59014/14 (H)
2Feedback59014/14 (H)
3Conviction59814/14 (H)
4Re Lapse88914/14 (H)
5Light104214/14 (H)
6Worldstar136914/14 (H)
7Group A (r)147714/14 (H)
8Burning Sensations200213/14 (H)
9Broken Release But..210913/14 (H)
10Silent211113/14 (H)
11Sequentia213613/14 (H)
12Rocket Fuel Leak213713/14 (H)
13Distinct220113/14 (H)
14Agony247613/14 (H)
15Graveyard Shìft269213/14 (H)
16Inhibitor360312/14 (H)
17Tetsbankguild392111/14 (H)
18Didactic392811/14 (H)
19Manus Domini392811/14 (H)
20We Tried (r)432911/14 (H)
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Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar

H: Immerseus 136 Immerseus Heroic videos
H: Fallen Protectors 123 Fallen Protectors Heroic videos
H: Norushen 145 Norushen Heroic videos
H: Sha of Pride 108 Sha of Pride Heroic videos
H: Galakras 116 Galakras Heroic videos
H: Iron Juggernaut 100 Iron Juggernaut Heroic videos
H: Kor'kron Dark Shaman 87 Kor'kron Dark Shaman Heroic videos
H: General Nazgrim 93 General Nazgrim Heroic videos
H: Malkorok 64 Malkorok Heroic videos
H: Spoils of Pandaria 54 Spoils of Pandaria Heroic videos
H: Thok the Bloodthirsty 39 Thok the Bloodthirsty Heroic videos
H: Siegecrafter Blackfuse 24 Siegecrafter Blackfuse Heroic videos
H: Paragons of the Klaxxi 22 Paragons of the Klaxxi Heroic videos
H: Garrosh Hellscream 11 Garrosh Hellscream Heroic videos

Siege of Orgrimmar

Immerseus 263 Immerseus Normal videos
Fallen Protectors 259 Fallen Protectors Normal videos
Norushen 253 Norushen Normal videos
Sha of Pride 254 Sha of Pride Normal videos
Galakras 246 Galakras Normal videos
Iron Juggernaut 244 Iron Juggernaut Normal videos
Kor'kron Dark Shaman 242 Kor'kron Dark Shaman Normal videos
General Nazgrim 238 General Nazgrim Normal videos
Malkorok 238 Malkorok Normal videos
Spoils of Pandaria 235 Spoils of Pandaria Normal videos
Thok the Bloodthirsty 228 Thok the Bloodthirsty Normal videos
Siegecrafter Blackfuse 224 Siegecrafter Blackfuse Normal videos
Paragons of the Klaxxi 222 Paragons of the Klaxxi Normal videos
Garrosh Hellscream 198 Garrosh Hellscream Normal videos

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