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US-Proudmoore Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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21CAVAG256112/13 (M)
22Depth260212/13 (M)
23Shattered Reality (r)281212/13 (M)
24Intent281312/13 (M)
25Of course But maaybe313111/13 (M)
26Scarlet Conservative314411/13 (M)
27Exalted With Jeeves336911/13 (M)
28Reborn345111/13 (M)
29Circle of Truth357111/13 (M)
30Good Morning389011/13 (M)
31Team Try Hard438910/13 (M)
32Risen441510/13 (M)
33Fractured Dream (r)450210/13 (M)
34Firehawk462710/13 (M)
35TC48449/13 (M)
36Darkness Falls52439/13 (M)
38Resistance54128/13 (M)
39Butter Train55118/13 (M)
40Disconnected55658/13 (M)


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