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AranthaurEU-Ravencrest__--==Currently on trial==--__

- Vanilla player
- Resto shaman since mid-SSC/TK
- LF guild with skilled AND social/mature people where everyone is equal.
- No disrespect, name calling, bullshit language. I don't have patience/energy/tolerance for that.
- I'm not a "top 10" material, but I do my best.
- LF guild that is atleast 1/13 HC by now.
- Progression wipes in a friendly atmosphere is where the game is at for me.
- Preffered raid times: 19:30-23:30 (no longer than 23:30 and not earlier than 19:00(invites) ). Extentions to midnight when the kill is within 1-2 wipes is fine, but it better not be a habbit :) I got work early, so I preffer to hit the bed asap.

I'm looking for a new home because my current home suddenly disbanded.

Skype: Aranthaur
BattleTag: Ojive#2132


GuildOne SpotEU-Darksorrow
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