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Real Name: Mike
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Country: Canada

WoW Characters

DizeUS-Zul'jinHello, I'm Dize, a top 10 US Hunter that started playing WoW late Ulduar. This section will be my raiding autobiography from the start to where I am today. I have made many friends and enemies during my journey and I will leave nothing out of this bio.

I started playing during the summer of '09 when one of my friends showed me the game (Inglewood). I took it slow leveling and just played casually until I reached the level cap which was 80 back in Wrath just as Tier 8 (Ulduar) was wrapping up. Once I hit level cap I quickly rose the ranks of Gorgonnash and found myself raiding in the #1 guild on the server, Kill Order, but soon after we finished Tier 9 (ToC) drama took over and the guild was disbanded.

A guild on Rexxar picked me up during the Tier 9 farm, Farm Status, who were #1 on there server. I was promised a main raid position to push for top 100 US during Tier 10 (ICC), but during the progression the guild slowly died out leaving the leadership to disband. I was picked up by a guild on Area 52, Spanks, who were #1 on there server which looked liked the best place to go as they were obtaining top 100 US kills. I joined and few weeks later we downed Lich King after countless wipes, the leadership led to the guilds downfall since the guild leader was a complete asshole Huntard (Traps), and would get angry if I out performed him with me having such a big gear gap. A week after my department the guild disbanded.

I decided to go to the best server (Illidan) in hopes to rise the ranks and be able to play with people of the similar skill level as me. I joined Mind Games as they just merged and was their top player. I applied to Raiding Rainbows since the leadership of Mind Games (Sikonos) was awful and hateful toward most of the members. I got accepted into Raiding Rainbows and loved the leadership and members, After obtaining top 20 US for both Tier 11 and 12, the best leaders left the game and gave the leadership to the hands of the most self centered idiots (Evac, Uro) both who turned the guild into what it is today, garbage. I left the guild to go to Excessive Gaming, but the same week they disbanded due to the guild leader leaving the game.

So there I was once again guildless due to disbands and poor leadership just as another tier was about to start. I tried applying to Blood Legion, and would of gotten accepted, but they had another Hunter applicant who was the leader of Vigil (Truefire) who, on paper, clearly out qualifies me. Even though all along I was parsing top 25 throughout each tier. I decided to join Pie Chart and was able to complete Tier 13 top 10 with them. My trial was declined even though I out performed all of the Hunters in the guild simply because I wasn't active with the guild outside of WoW (Starcraft / Minecraft / League of Legends), which is kind of a joke.

I decided to join Team Malice on Zul'jin since a few Excessive Gaming members went there and they looked like a solid team ready to push top 10 US for Pandaria. Once Pandaria hit, we got multiple top 10 US kills but the leadership (Sean) was a complete retard and kicked most of the good players for no apparent reasoning other than not being able to afford hundreds of thousands of items that he made mandatory. While along Dragon Soul he sold runs and took the gold, sold it, and profited thousands a week like a greedy fuck.

I left and joined Duality, and soon after TM was on a rocky road, exploiting kills / losing their best players / officers quitting. They had to transfer servers just because they were so butt-hurt from people laughing at them. My time in Duality has been good. I didn't really raid often, but was there if needed. Hunter's have been a poor class since Wrath and only shine on few fights. I was sat a lot since the other Hunter applicant had a huge gear gap on me, even though I out performed him and parsed extremely higher than him in previous tiers. We finished top 7 US coming from US 50th. The guild is looking stronger every week and is looking to push top 5 next tier.

I sadly will not be raiding with Duality due to the other Hunter having such a gear gap. He got in for most the kills and has more current experience even though I could easily out perform him if given the same gear and fight experience. So I am just going to chill as a member of Duality since I really don't feel like relocating and having to climb the ladder all over again just to raid in a game that is clearly dying out slowly and becoming harder to raid as a class that has no use.

And this is where the story ends. I do regret some choices I made over the tiers as to what guilds I decided to join, but other than that I think my parses explain how well I did spite the circumstances. Coming from nothing, hitting the peak, and dropping back down was a journey that I won't forget. Maybe one day if given the opportunity to raid with a top 10 US guild again I will seize the chance, but for now it looks like no good guilds need a solid Hunter to fill their ranks .

-Thank you for reading, Dize

Previous Guilds:

-Kill Order [Top 200 US] (Tier 9)

-Farm Status [Top 200 US] (Tier 9)

-Area 52:
-Spanks [Top 100 US] (Tier 10)

-Mind Games [Top 50 US] (Tier 11)
-Raiding Rainbows [Top 20 US] (Tier 11-12)
-Excessive Gaming [Top 20 US] (Tier 13)

-Pie Chart [Top 10 US] (Tier 13)

-Team Malice [Top 20 US] (Tier 13-14)
-Duality [Top 7 US] (Tier 14)

Friends Along The Way:
-The countless others I forgot to put down but had a great time playing with over the years.

Ðize The ThreatUS-Zul'jin
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