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Luminair (Lumi#1143)

Sex: Male
Age: 28
Country: Canada

WoW Characters

Lumí Larmes de HadèsEU (FR)-DalaranDeath knight tank or dps Looking for a serious late night, or week-end guild

After taking a break of nearly 1 year form serious raiding,
i am ready to to start raiding again in legion but unfortunately i cannot raid on the Normal raiding schedule look below.

i am available at 22:00 to 4am (CEST) during weeks days
and fully available during week-end.

-Exp (all in mythic)

-Hfc 12/13 first Manoroth kill -> 06/09/2015 world 118 th
-T17 16/17 before patch black hand 13%
-T16 14/14 clear before nerfs
-T15 11/13 Lei shen 5%
-T14 11/16
-T13 8/8 clear at 15% nerf
-T12 6/7 Ragnaros 18 % in phase 4 before 4.3 hits

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