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PlacidUS-BladefistI want a new guild. I have recently reached a point where I no longer want to raid with the group/guild I've have been in for years and am searching for somewhere new to play.

I am a skilled player overall and I am proficient at any class/spec that I have time to practice and wish to find a place to raid.
I am looking for a PST raiding guild on a west coast server.

I am currently 2/12 Heroic (first two bosses but have experience on ji-kun as well even though I was absent the day my guild killed it).

I am capable of providing logs if needed.
I am currently demonology spec but I can play affliction as well as destruction just as well as I can demonology.

I do no want an alliance guild and if you did not take the time to read this far it is considered a bump.

Feel free to add my battletag placid#1971 for an in-game chat
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