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Romodrood EasyUS-Aerie PeakI've been tanking at a US 30th or higher level since Sunwell.

I'm able to tank at a high level on any class. Highest rank achieved in a tier with each tank:

Warrior: US 7th
Monk: US 10th
Paladin: US 11th
DK: US 21st
Guardian: US 18ish while working on Mythic Mannoroth with <Vigil> when they disbanded.

Previous Guilds:

<Uprising> BC-T11, missed T12,T13 due to IRL, raided T14
<Overture> T15-T17
<Vigil> T18

I have performed every role in a guild from a trial to a GM and everything in between.

I HAVE HAD ALPHA AND PARTICIPATED IN IT HEAVILY SINCE DAY ONE OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY. I have not played Live since <Vigil> stopped raiding, feel free to add me to real ID and I would be happy to discuss any tank theorycrafting questions about Legion.

Logs: Very old logs from last year during HFC progression

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