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“Familiar with Drama” Guild

Horde EU-Twisting Nether    (armory)
Progress: 11/11 (M)
World: 66
EU: 42
EU English: 26
Realm: 4
World: 80
EU: 49
EU English: 28
Realm: 5
Encounter First Kill Videos World EU Realm Fastest Kill
+ M: Argus the UnmakerJan 24, 2018 18:46 6642416m 22s
+ M: AggramarJan 4, 2018 19:05 9053534m 27s
+ M: The Coven of ShivarraDec 17, 2017 19:22 7344413m 20s
+ M: VarimathrasDec 14, 2017 21:21 7346413m 17s
+ M: Kin'garothDec 14, 2017 18:58 10164612m 32s
+ M: Imonar the SoulhunterDec 7, 2017 21:51 2716309m 48s
+ M: Eonar the Life-BinderDec 7, 2017 18:49 6734512m 06s
+ M: Portal Keeper HasabelDec 6, 2017 21:53 5434511m 07s
+ M: Antoran High CommandDec 6, 2017 21:29 8651710m 53s
+ M: Felhounds of SargerasDec 6, 2017 19:48 11360607m 25s
+ M: Garothi WorldbreakerDec 6, 2017 19:25 3001498
+ H: Argus the UnmakerNov 29, 2017 21:593521308m 50s
+ H: AggramarNov 29, 2017 21:396331511m 12s
+ H: The Coven of ShivarraNov 29, 2017 20:309528307m 10s
+ H: VarimathrasNov 29, 2017 20:0318146307m 37s
+ H: Kin'garothNov 29, 2017 19:4631160309m 45s
+ H: Imonar the SoulhunterNov 29, 2017 19:2547976307m 04s
+ H: Eonar the Life-BinderNov 29, 2017 19:10630111408m 41s
+ H: Portal Keeper HasabelNov 29, 2017 18:57752140509m 22s
+ H: Antoran High CommandNov 29, 2017 18:35772114209m 48s
+ H: Felhounds of SargerasNov 29, 2017 18:181201193607m 24s
+ H: Garothi WorldbreakerNov 29, 2017 18:0413822148

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
demon hunter (dd)high
Updated: 2020-02-03

Recruitment: 2x Ranged DPS + 1 DH DPS

Any exceptional player (regardless of class/role/if were closed on recruitment or not) is always encouraged to apply!

Application form:


About us

Familiar with Drama is currently one of the best 3-day raiding guilds in the world. Our history dates back to 2009 and Ulduar, but it took another four years of reforms, disbands and obviously drama before forming the foundation that would eventually become todays FWD.

There is no secret behind the jumps in the guild ranks since we reformed, we've taken it slow and steady tier after tier without cutting any corners. We haven't added raid-days, raid-hours, or thrown in mandatory alts for splits. It's literally just been about finding the best possible players who share the exact same goals as the leadership. In short, this goal is:

Clear content as fast as possible with as little time and effort spent in game as possible.

Familiar with Drama in its many different forms since 2009

Familiar with Drama bosskills over the years


Why FWD?

  • PTR: No forced PTR nor forced beta gameplay.
    • FWD Have never and will never request anyones availability for PTR raids. Coming prepared however for raids on live servers will obviously increase your chances of snagging a raid spot.

  • Alts: No split raiding nor mandatory alts.
    • You focus on your main character, alts will NEVER be mandatory. If you do choose to pursue alts with the purpose of using them in progress raids, there's nothing negative about it and the guild will help gearing said progress alt whenever possible if said alt is going to be used for X/Y encounter.

  • Schedule: No added extra raid days/raiding hours regardless of new patches.
    • We're a strict 3-day/week raiding guild. This means we do not follow the norm of other so called "3-day guilds" such as that they add an extra day for X resets at the start of each tier. We have in six years of progress raiding never extended raids or added raiddays regardless of how close we've been to a kill. Last pull happens before 23:00 every single raid. As much as some would want to extend, IRL will always come first in this guild, and being able to keep consistency in the raiding hours is key.

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    • Reliability
      We expect close to 100% attendance if applying for a tank/healer/DH position and 90%+ attendance if applying for a DPS position. FWD Always bolster a large roster, but its mostly to be able to classtack, not for you to afk half the tier.
    • Maturity
      We expect the applicant/trial to be in complete control of their own lives. While we also want socially competent human beings(20+), we also require you to be self-reliant and not have your progression raiding-hours influenced by any outside sources. We also require you to be a humble person, primarily playing for the team be it sitting on bench when its required / playing according to how we want you to play > playing according to what gets you the highest logs.
    • Being competent
      We are not a starter guild, we are a guild for people who have done their pushing of raiding hours or have played in that really mediocre guild and want to get more value out of their hours played. We do not expect nor tolerate mistakes as easily as other guilds due to the nature of being a 3-day raiding guild. Gold-penalties to guildbank for repeat fails are the norm during progression/reclears.
    • Having thick skin
      We are harsh, we are often toxic, we are joking about everything and everyone and nothing is sacred. If you are a weak person or just have a brittle spirit in general, this is NOT the place for you to be. There is however a very fine line between being tilt and being in general obnoxious and pesting the environment for everyone else.
    • Flexibility
      Sometimes we might not be able to sort out a main-raidday due to vital people being gone, this means we may need to move X raid to either a Monday or a Tuesday. While we dont need you to have these days free,(As this happens max once or twice a year(80% of the time around christmas)) we do see it as a + being able to be flexible.


    Previous rankings:

    • T16: (Reformed)
    • T17: #408
    • T18: #282
    • ToV: #245
    • T19: #202
    • T20: #99
    • T21: #65
    • Uldir: #97
    • BoD: #99
    • CoS: #50
    • EP: #116


    Raiding times

    Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00
    (Optional) Monday boosts: 19:00 - 23:00

    We raid throughout the entire year, only to take a one month raidingbreak during July where we have no attendance demands for raids (vacation). If theres a new raid coming out at this period, we raid it as a guild just as if it was any other raid.


    Officers (Discord ID)

    • Táb: Tab#8020
    • Motozzi: Motozzi#0853
    • Seliathan: Seliathan#3477
    • Ninefive: Ninefive#1601
profile administrator(s): Aghanym, Incarnated, Tabulator, Motozzi, Ninefive1
last updated by Ninefive1 5 days ago
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