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TW Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1Fortune (20)Shadowmoon254.63
2月刃 (20)Arygos254.06
3Salvation (20)Nightsong253.93
4Clown Return (20)Bleeding Hollow253.82
5For the Glory of J.. (20)World Tree253.60
6Calm Down (20)Sundown Marsh253.31
7SnowElysium (20)Arygos253.26
8Asgard (20)Nightsong252.72
9Dark Maggots Empire (20)Frostmane252.54
10Dawn Force (20)Arthas252.48
11Watchmen (20)Wrathbringer251.81
12Invincible (20)Chillwind Point251.70
13世界搖籃 (20)Frostmane251.56
14SEVENth (20)Shadowmoon251.47
15Final Redemption (20)Chillwind Point251.39
16Daybreak Dawn (20)World Tree251.27
17TENET (20)Quel'dorei251.21
18TequilaSunrise (20)Shadowmoon251.16
19知行合一 (20)Dragonmaw251.09
20Glory of the Warsong (20)Sundown Marsh250.89
21Elantris (20)Spirestone250.67
22Oops (20)Wrathbringer250.66
23Artemisia argyi (20)Sundown Marsh250.60
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