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CN Mythic Progress

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1七 煌CN-Dark Iron13/13 (M)
2佶天鸿CN-Isillien13/13 (M)
3清水星辰CN-Silver Hand13/13 (M)
4丨金錢丶魅劦丨CN-Molten Core13/13 (M)
5一波流CN-Thrall13/13 (M)
6AllstarsCN-Burning Blade13/13 (M)
7遗忘之名CN-The Underbog13/13 (M)
8炼 狱CN-Deephome13/13 (M)
9傲血荣耀CN-Sutarn13/13 (M)
10魔神CN-Icecrown13/13 (M)
11黎明曙光CN-Marrowgar13/13 (M)
12Sliver HandCN-Silver Hand13/13 (M)
13Play OutCN-The Mechanar13/13 (M)
14烈焰战神CN-Flame Crest13/13 (M)
15撒旦之触CN-Shadowmoon13/13 (M)
16坚决抵制黑手联盟CN-Pandaren13/13 (M)
17Scary mazeCN-Dreadmist Peak13/13 (M)
18信 仰CN-Draenor13/13 (M)
19水木联盟CN-Emerald Dream13/13 (M)
20Night KidsCN-Gadgetzan13/13 (M)
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Mythic Hellfire Citadel

M: Hellfire Assault 0
M: Iron Reaver 0
M: Kormrok 0
M: Hellfire High Council 0
M: Kilrogg Deadeye 0
M: Gorefiend 0
M: Shadow-Lord Iskar 0
M: Socrethar the Eternal 0
M: Tyrant Velhari 0
M: Fel Lord Zakuun 0
M: Xhul'horac 0
M: Mannoroth 0
M: Archimonde 0

Heroic Hellfire Citadel

H: Hellfire Assault 0
H: Iron Reaver 0
H: Kormrok 0
H: Hellfire High Council 0
H: Kilrogg Deadeye 0
H: Gorefiend 0
H: Shadow-Lord Iskar 0
H: Socrethar the Eternal 0
H: Tyrant Velhari 0
H: Fel Lord Zakuun 0
H: Xhul'horac 0
H: Mannoroth 0
H: Archimonde 0

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    5 months ago
    It’s a shame what Russian army is doing in Ukraine.
    I urge to stop the invasion. The mad man must be stopped.
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