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1For the Horde (25)Nazjatar13/13 (H)41038.89
2Refuge (25)Taerar13/13 (H)39822.24
3Refuge (10)Eredar13/13 (H)39822.24
4Why MeWrathbringer13/13 (H)38844.44
5Irae AoD (10)Mug'thol13/13 (H)38777.78
6Synced (25)Kil'Jaeden13/13 (H)38377.77
7Pulse (10)Blackmoore13/13 (H)38377.77
8Affenjungs INCFrostwolf13/13 (H)37955.56
9set sail for fail (recruiting)Nathrezim13/13 (H)36772.22
10Schwingen des Phoe.. (recruiting)Zirkel des Cenarius13/13 (H)36088.89
11Thanatos Erpetos (25)Mannoroth13/13 (H)35972.22
12Nero (recruiting)Antonidas13/13 (H)35716.64
13Hope n Despair (recruiting)Blackmoore13/13 (H)35488.89
14noxa (10)Arygos13/13 (H)34400.00
15easYplaY (10)Zuluhed13/13 (H)34333.33
16Harlequins (25)Dethecus13/13 (H)33855.54
17Myth (recruiting)Mal'Ganis13/13 (H)33588.88
18Legends Never Die (10/25)Anetheron13/13 (H)33538.90
19critical luders (25)Durotan13/13 (H)32522.22
20Night Conquers Day (recruiting)Gorgonnash13/13 (H)32377.77
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Heroic Blackwing Descent

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Blackwing Descent

The Bastion of Twilight

Throne of the Four Winds

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    Patch 7.2 M+ data reset
    1 day ago
    With the difficulty of M+ dungeons change in Patch 7.2, we are going to reset Mythic+ score and Mythic+ experience data.

    When? This week.

    The old data is going to be archived, and in future we may introduce M+ history from previous patches.
    Comments: 17
    Challenge Mode Times
    5 months ago
    As many people ask, posting it here.
    Current status of Mythic Dungeons time records (old challenge mode):
    WoWProgress gets challenge mode times from region data, thus challenge mode is not updated on individual character update. This needs to be fixed and we are going to fix it soon.

    There is no Mythic+ Level in API yet, we have to wait.
    Comments: 58
    Mythic+ Experience in Character Profiles
    5 months ago
    Character pages now include Mythic+ experience info!
    You can use it to check players when you form your Mythic+ groups.
    Comments: 76
    Artifact Power Rankings
    5 months ago
    WoWProgress now provides Artifact Power Rankings!

    Characters are ranked by total artifact power acquired, including offspecs.
    Comments: 3
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