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EU-Aegwynn Mythic Progress

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1baited2039/9 (M)
2Irony5029/9 (M)
3idea of glory5659/9 (M)
4Last Instance7039/9 (M)
5Happy Lil Clouds7869/9 (M)
6In flagrantì8948/9 (M)
7Bleeding Guardians14577/9 (M)
8Wings of Ysondre14637/9 (M)
9scuffed17197/9 (M)
10Blacklîsted (r)22557/9 (M)
11Couch Drei (r)23666/9 (M)
12HØRIZØN24696/9 (M)
13Call ist Call24856/9 (M)
14Zero26296/9 (M)
15Deliverance27306/9 (M)
16EODEM28286/9 (M)
17TRaPs32435/9 (M)
18Deleted32445/9 (M)
19Honoris33615/9 (M)
20Crunch Reloaded34005/9 (M)
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Mythic Tomb of Sargeras

M: Goroth 43 Goroth Mythic videos
M: Demonic Inquisition 35 Demonic Inquisition Mythic videos
M: Harjatan 37 Harjatan Mythic videos
M: Sisters of the Moon 30 Sisters of the Moon Mythic videos
M: Mistress Sassz'ine 16 Mistress Sassz'ine Mythic videos
M: The Desolate Host 24 The Desolate Host Mythic videos
M: Maiden of Vigilance 10 Maiden of Vigilance Mythic videos
M: Fallen Avatar 6 Fallen Avatar Mythic videos
M: Kil'jaeden 5 Kil'jaeden Mythic videos

Heroic Tomb of Sargeras

H: Goroth 118 Goroth Heroic videos
H: Demonic Inquisition 114 Demonic Inquisition Heroic videos
H: Harjatan 115 Harjatan Heroic videos
H: Sisters of the Moon 113 Sisters of the Moon Heroic videos
H: Mistress Sassz'ine 109 Mistress Sassz'ine Heroic videos
H: The Desolate Host 105 The Desolate Host Heroic videos
H: Maiden of Vigilance 100 Maiden of Vigilance Heroic videos
H: Fallen Avatar 99 Fallen Avatar Heroic videos
H: Kil'jaeden 93 Kil'jaeden Heroic videos

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