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EU-Aegwynn Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1baited (r)23811/11 (M)
2Last Instance (r)63011/11 (M)
3idea of glory81311/11 (M)
4Blacklîsted (r)121811/11 (M)
5Happy Lil Clouds180510/11 (M)
6Couch Drei (r)204010/11 (M)
7Zero (r)209110/11 (M)
8HØRIZØN26359/11 (M)
9Deliverance (r)26959/11 (M)
10Foedus Ultoris (r)27609/11 (M)
11Last Breath (r)29329/11 (M)
12S E L E C T34857/11 (M)
13Quality Time36227/11 (M)
14Empire of NecroMon..36437/11 (M)
14Last Last Try36437/11 (M)
16In flagrantì (r)37527/11 (M)
17Rocketier38826/11 (M)
18eXecuted41086/11 (M)
19Irony43315/11 (M)
20Call ist Call44515/11 (M)
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