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EU-Azjol-Nerub Realm Ranking

PvE Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21The Wolf Pack (10)2/5 (heroic)1166119.06
22Acta Non Verba (10)2/5 (heroic)1204317.50
23Tranquil2/5 (heroic)1255917.50
24Quantum2/5 (heroic)1307417.50
25Haven5/5 (normal) +Ony1357912.70
26Amigos5/5 (normal) +Ony1448212.41
27REMY MARTIN5/5 (normal) +Ony1483712.26
28Ja nei (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony1592411.84
29Nox Eternum5/5 (normal) +Ony1603911.80
30Finding Emo (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony1662211.62
31A v a l o n (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony1722011.46
32Vita Luna (10/25)5/5 (normal) +Ony1727311.44
33Fusion of Light5/5 (normal) +Ony1735411.42
34Uniqué5/5 (normal) +Ony1814911.22
35Chronicles of Free..5/5 (normal) +Ony1877811.06
36Crystal5/5 (normal) +Ony2048510.67
37Reanimate5/5 (normal) +Ony2158910.42
38Dopamin (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony2164510.42
39No Fear5/5 (normal) +Ony2176110.39
40Original Sin (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony2236310.26


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